Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and the Law, by Gillian Kelly, Round Hall Sweet and Maxwell, 2000
Round Hall Sweet & Maxwell, 2000
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This site provides commentary on developments in case law  The Irish legal system is based on Common Law; it is
hoped that the material herein will be of interest to lawyers in all Common Law jurisdictions.  For those not familiar with the Irish and similar systems, a Barrister is a specialist trial lawyer, also known as an Advocate or Counsel.

Currently available is a series of papers tracing development of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and legal recognition thereof. These may be accessed by clicking on:

Part One
A Recognisable Psychiatric Illness : a history of acknowledgement by the courts
Part Two 
Establishment of Causation and Negligence and Fear for a Third Party 
Part Three 
Establishment of a Duty of Care 
Part Four
PTSD and Hillsborough : policemen as employees/ policemen as rescuers
Part Five 
Delayed PTSD reaction to Hillsborough: the common law jurisdictions diverge
Last updated : October 20th 2001